Message From the Chair

Welcome to the 2014-2016 Report from the University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine.

This report represents the tip of a very large iceberg; it details just some of the activities of some of our many talented, smart and resourceful faculty, residents, undergraduate and graduate students, administrative staff and alumni.  I hope this report will provide you with an appreciation of the breadth and depth of the great endeavours of our department’s members to advance family medicine and primary care in Toronto and Ontario, across Canada and around the world.

The work highlighted in this report aligns with the Strategic Plan of the University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine, and was overseen by the previous Chairs of this Department who I commend for their leadership and vision: Dr. Lynn Wilson (Chair, 2009-2015), Dr. David White (Interim Chair, 2016) and Dr. David Tannenbaum (Interim Chair, January to April 2017).

Over the course of my time as Chair of this great academic department, I look forward to sharing with you more details of the work being accomplished by our faculty, our residents, our students, our staff, and our alumni.

Michael Kidd
Professor and Chair
Department of Family and Community Medicine
University of Toronto


Our Strategic Directions

The Department of Family and Community Medicine is committed to leveraging its expertise to enhance health equity in local and global content through robust family medicine and primary care. To achieve a positive impact and attain our vision, this commitment will be embedded within the five strategic directions' goals and actions: 

  1. Develop strategic partnerships to improve health and family medicine scholarship;

  2. Increase our impact on health through education, clinical and health services research;

  3. Advance quality primary care through scholarship and innovation across all of our education endeavours;

  4. Enhance health services through quality improvement and health system integration; and

  5. Promote engagement and leadership in our faculty and staff.

Our vision

Excellence in research, education and innovative clinical practice to advance high quality patient-centred care

Achieving Impact

  • We improve the lives of vulnerable populations locally and globally. 

  • Our research changes practice and improves the health of individuals and populations.

  • Our education scholarship advances family practice across the globe.

  • We transform the future of primary care.

  • Our faculty and staff are highly engaged and effective academic, clinical and health system leaders.



From downtown Toronto to Moosonee in Northern Ontario, DFCM encompasses 14 affiliated hospital teaching sites, four rural residency teaching sites and more than 100 community practices across Ontario that teach both medical students and residents.

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